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To the website of a modern day courtesan.

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Private photo access is only available to friends I have previously spent time with.


Are you looking for an experience that will make your day a little richer? A little more satisfying? Perhaps a bit more sensual? Well, then, you've come to the right place. In me, you will find an engaging conversationalist, an educated companion, and someone who is alluring and authentic.

I am a person with whom you can let your guard down and explore your most intimate fantasies. I am a curious partner, intent on fulfilling all manner of dreams with you. What moves you, intrigues me. I'll entice you, lure you in, and seduce you. I invite you to an unforgettable experience

I specialize in the extraordinary.



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Elite Companion

About Me

A Courtesan...

"[Courtesans] were usually well-educated and worldly (sometimes even more so than the average upper-class woman), and often held simultaneous careers as performers or artists.

They were typically chosen on the basis of their "breeding"--social and conversational skills, intelligence, common sense, and companionship--as well as their physical attributes. It was usually their wit and personality that set them apart from regular women...

They were expected to be well-dressed and ready to engage in a variety of topics ranging from art to music to politics."

Introducing Isobella

I consider myself a Renaissance woman. I pride myself on my education and my knowledge of current events as well as my diverse tastes in many areas including art, dance, music, fashion and cooking delectable food. I'm passionate about other cultures and I love to travel. My work experiences have been multi-faceted: I've been a woodworker, metalworker, sculptor, seamstress, dancer, and florist—to name a few. I've explored and experienced life from various vantage points, which gives me the ability to connect with you on multiple levels.


My body is statuesque and firm with an olive complexion, adorned with long, curly dark brown hair. I am a mixture of European and Latin American descent.  Although you will not see it in my photos, which have been edited for my privacy, I do have a discretely placed tattoo. If you do not care for body art then perhaps your time would be better spent with another lovely lady.  

I take pride in my appearance and maintain my health through exercise, eating well and simply enjoying a rich and beautiful life. My friends have described my personality as so soothing that it seems to have an other-worldly quality.


I am a thoughtful and sensual companion. I can be coy and sultry, or strong and assertive, depending on your mood and needs. It is of the utmost importance to me to create a safe and inviting space for you to relax and enjoy yourself in. I consider our time together sacred and I will never reveal any aspect of it to another. I'd like to know you in any way you choose to share yourself with me. You can feel confident that I will not judge you and that I will do my best to meet you on your level.  

While I am receptive to the spontaneous fling, I'd prefer to develop our friendship over time. I am open-minded and experimental, intrigued by the unique qualities of each person that I meet. Whatever your predilections are...I cherish them.  I am the ideal companion for the adventure of our making.



My time is as important as yours. If you need to re-schedule, please do so 24 hours before our appointment.


My incall is conveniently located in Belltown.
It is easily accessible from SR-99 and  I-5. Parking is fairly easy to find even during business hours. Occasionally, however, there are events that will make parking around my space difficult and I will try to stay abreast of these to let you know that you should plan ahead for traffic.  

If we are meeting for the first time
 I will provide the exact location of my incall when you call to confirm on the day of our appointment. I live in a secured building so I will buzz you in. Once inside my building, I ask for discretion both when you arrive and when you leave. When you reach the door of my apartment please enter without knocking. I know that years of courtesy will make you feel odd doing this - and perhaps even uncomfortable. I assure you that it is exactly what I want and definitely preferable to me for our privacy's sake. I promise to greet you warmly and generously once you are completely inside and the door is closed.  

Refresh Yourself...

My intention for our time together is that it will be enjoyable and be relaxing for both of us. I provide a safe and clean environment where you can let your worldly cares melt away as I pamper you. I regard self-care as instrumental to achieving this blissful state and therefore ask that you be recently showered with freshly brushed teeth. If that is not possible because of your busy day, or if you'd like to come directly from the gym, I invite you to freshen up at my place. All of the necessary amenities will be provided.

Communication and Correspondence...

You may set up a time to meet with me via email or through my SSL secure web form.  There is pertinent information that you must leave with either method so I suggest that you read my Contact page thoroughly before doing so. I will absolutely not discuss money with you, nor will I describe any details of my sessions. I expect you to review my Rates and Availability page and to come prepared for the time we will spend together. You are paying for my time and companionship only. I do not offer illegal activities and discussing them will force me to end our correspondence.

I apologize if my web form seems impersonal and cold. I am simply attempting to get to the heart of my initial screening process quickly so that we'll be able to spend time together sooner.

What to expect...?

Don't expect anything!
Our time together is a very personal experience and therefore is not predetermined. I am open to many things and am a willing partner to explore with. Our time will be specifically tailored to you, and will in that way be the most satisfying for both of us. I am a trustworthy confidant and an eager student of life. I hope you'll feel inclined to explore things with me that you've never shared with anyone else before.

Elite Companion


Seattle Area Incall

Safe GFE:
1 Hour  $400
90 Minutes $600
2 Hours $800
For any scheduled time after 6pm please add $100 per hour add $100/hour

FBSM, not available after 6pm:

1 Hour $250
90 Minutes 375
2 Hours 500

Extended Dates

Dinner Engagement (4 hrs):
Let's go out on the town!  I would love to join you for dinner at the establishment of your choosing (and your treat).  My incall is within walking distance of several excellent restaurants if you need some suggestions.  Afterwards , we can stroll back to my place and continue to enjoy ourselves together.  
4 Hours Total (Includes 2 hours out & 2 hours in)

Overnight (14 hrs):

For established friends only.  Inquire about my availability.  Donation does not include airfare, food, nor accommodations. 

2 Nights

3 Nights

4 Nights

5 Nights









Restricted to the Seattle area & established friends. 
I love couples!  Please feel free to include me in your fun.


No additional fee.

My Schedule...

The best days to spend time with me are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, between 10:30am and 5pm.  Be sure to check my calendar for more information as this can change from week to week.   If you are interested in spending time outside of the days and times listed on my calendar please plan ahead.  My availability in the evenings and on weekends is limited.  Same day appointments are rarely possible and definitely not available for new friends I have not yet had the pleasure of spending time with.    


I consider our time together a gift and therefore nothing more is expected. However, if you desire to bring me a little something extra, a copy of your favorite book would be lovely. If you're interested in having me wear something special for you, my size is a 34C bra and a size medium in panties.  And, if you're seriously looking for the way into my heart, a pair of Christian Louboutin (size 40) shoes will do the trick nicely.  I am particularly fond of stilletto heels.  


Elite Companion


Secure Booking Form


View My Calendar


When Connecting:

 Please be sure to review the entirety of this page and my Etiquette page. The information contained on these two pages will help make our initial encounter much smoother and more enjoyable.


Please fill out my request form to schedule time for us to get together.  If you would like to simply correspond with me about questions or ideas you have you can email me at


I no longer have a phone with which to schedule appointments.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  


I ask for referrals from at least two well-established and reviewed providers. Please give me contact information for each provider including her name, a website address, a description of yourself, as well as pertinent details of your time together that will help them to remember who you are. I prefer two days' notice to review your references; however, if I'm able to do so in a shorter time frame I will be available to book you for an appointment sooner. You can help facilitate this by following all of the above instructions completely.

Employment Screening 

If you are unable to provide references, please fill out the employment screening portion of my Appointment Request form. I understand that you may have some trepidation about sharing this information with me. I can assure you that your privacy is of the utmost importance to me and will always remain so. I do this merely to provide myself (and, therefore, you) with as much safety and security as possible. My business relies on my ability to be discreet and respectful of others' private lives. I do not retain this information once I have validated it.